Christ, The King


“Where is he that is born, KING OF THE JEWS” Mat 2:2
“We have seen HIS STAR in the east” Mat 2:2
“We are come to WORSHIP him” Mat 2:2
“Where should THE CHRIST be born”? Mat 2:4
“Bethlehem” Mat 2:5-6,  Mic 5:2

“Baby in a Manger”  vs.  MESSIAH, KING


  1. God is Sovereign over His Creation Gen 1:1
  2. The Bible presents two separate, but interdependent themes for the kingdom
    1a. The Universal Kingdom 2a. The Mediatorial Kingdom
  3. God promises Abraham, everlasting possession of the land of Israel Gen 17:18
    Repeated for the Exodus generation      Deu 33:1
  4. Moses predicted the people would want a “king” Deu 17:14-15
    1a. “a king that God would choose”
    2a. “from among your brethren”
  5. Israel chose Saul, as they rejected God 1Sa 8:4-7
  6. God chose David as the 2nd King 1Sa 13:14
    1a. God would establish the kingdom through one of David’s sons  2Sa 7:12
    2a. God’s mercy shall not depart from “him” 2Sa 7:15
    3a. Keywords: 2Sa 7:16 “forever house/dynasty” “forever kingdom” “forever throne”
    4a. This “son of David” is not a mere mortal human being!

Isaiah 9:6
– “child is born” = human
– “mighty God”     = deity
– “his government and peace, there shall be no end”

Daniel 7:13-14
– “son of man” = name used by Jesus for himself
– “all people, nations and languages shall serve him”
– “everlasting kingdom”
– “shall not pass away, , , , shall not be destroyed”

Isaiah 2:2-4
– “all nations….many peoples”
– “he shall judge among the nations”


Why should anyone be surprised that the Messiah would rule over Gentiles? Isaiah 11:10, Amos 9:11-12
After the fall of Jerusalem in 586BC, the prophets continued to proclaim the future Messiah and Eternal Kingdom Zec 9:9-10, 14:9


  1. Understanding the Old Testament brings meaning to the Magi’s question Mat 2:2 “where is he that is born king of the Jews”
  2. The Messiah’s message to Israel Mat 4:17
  3. When Jesus sent out the twelve, it was the same message Mat 10:7
  4. Jesus entered Jerusalem as the proclaimed king Luk 19:37-38
  5. At Jesus’ Trial, he affirmed he was king, but his kingdom came from a different source Joh 18:33-37
    Joh 18:36 “my kingdom is not from out of the source of this world”
    Joh 18:36 “if my kingdom was from that same source, then my servants would fight”
  6. Pilate asks a question for clarification:
    Joh 18:37 “therefore, is it not true, you are a king”?
  7. Joh 18:37 “You are saying that I am a king”
    PLUS:  “I was born to be a king”     Isa 9:6
    “I came into this world to be a king of a kingdom” Dan 7:14
    “I bear witness of the truth”


We anticipate a future day, when the Messiah returns as King to establish His Kingdom

  • 1Ti 6:15
  • Rev 17:14
  • Rev 19:16