Accomplishment’s of Christ’s Death


  1. A Ransom: to buy back a person or thing by paying the price for which it is held in captivity 1Pe 1:18
  2. A Propitiation: “God is satisfied”. Propitiation furnishes a ground on the basis of which God could set forth His righteousness, and yet pardon sinful men Rom 3:25-26
  3. A Reconciliation: Christ’s death removed the barrier between God and man 2Co 5:19
  4. A Substitution: one life given in the place of another 1Pe 3:18


  1. Substitution for Sins 1Pe 3:18, 2Co 5:21
  2. Redemption from Sin 2Pe 2:1,     1Co 6:19-20,    Gal 4:5,   Tit 2:14
  3. Reconciliation 2Co 5:19
  4. Propitiation Rom 3:25,   1Jo 2:1-2
  5. Judgment of the Sin Nature Rom 6:1-10
  6. End to the Law Rom 10:4, Col 2:14
  7. Basis for a believer to be cleansed from sin at confession 1Jo 1:7-9