GOD’S LOVE: Defined
1. “Unselfish loyalty and benevolent concern for the good of another”
1a. Agape agaph, depends upon the mind of the lover, regardless of the situation of the receiver John 3:16
2a. Agape is naturally, “unselfish”, and concentrates on the benefit of others. Eph 5:25, Phi 2:1-4
2. God loved the human race in that HE GAVE John 3:16
3. When did God love the world? 1Pe 1:19-20
4. When did God love the world? 1Pe 1:19-20
5. God’s love is defined by what He did and when He did it 1 John 4:9-10 (v.11 – how does God’s love apply to us?)
6. POINT: God’s love is ETERNAL and INFINITE
GOD’S LOVE: Applied
1. God manifests “much more” love for those who are saved Rom 5:9-10
2. Therefore, God’s love will accomplish for the believer, everything in God’s plan for him Rom 8:30-31
3. Nothing will separate the believer from God’s love, including sin Rom 8:38-39

GOD’S LOVE: Personal Application 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
1. “Love suffers long/is patient = Patience toward people 1 Th 5:14 “Be patient toward all”
2. “love is kind” – Merciful, Rendering a gracious service Eph 2:7, 4:32
3. “love envies not”
1a. “envy” = resentfulness or dislike of someone because of their influence or possessions Act 7:9, 13:45
2a. Christian love and envy are opposites
4. “vaunteth not itself/does not brag, is not puffed up/is not arrogant”
Contrast: Unbeliever [Rom 1:30, 2Ti 3:2], Believer [Phi 2:2-4]
5. “Does not behave itself unseemly” = Does not cause shame or disgrace
6. “Does not seek its own” 1Co 10:24, 33 “Let no man seek his own”
7. “Is not {easily} provoked”
8. “Thinks no evil” = To invent a counter punch or revenge against people who irritate or cause problems Rom 12:21, 13:10
9. “Rejoices not in iniquity/unrighteousness” 2Ti 2:19
10. “but rejoices in truth” Eph 4:25
11. “Bears all things” Rom 15:1, Gal 6:2
12. “Believes all things”
13. “Hopes all things” Rom 8:24-25
14. “Endures all things” = remain under circumstances Rom 12:12, Jam 1:12, 5:11, 1Pe 2:20
15. LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT: “love never fails”

1. Epithumia epiqumia = strong desire
1a. Good: set your heart on someone, to long for Deu 21:11
2a. Bad: covet, lust, desire something that is forbidden Mat 5:28
2. Eros ero~ = pleasure, infatuation, lust
3. Storge storgh = family love, natural affection, loyalty 1Ti 3:3
4. Philos filo~ = friendship love, mutual affection and mutual benefit, comradeship Joh 15:19
5. Agape agaph = unselfish love, giving love, rational decision, determined choice 1Jo 3:17-18
1. Epithumia, Eros; Strong desire, infatuation, covet, pleasure = ALL TAKE
2. Storge, Philos; Family love, natural affection, loyalty, friendship love, mutual affection, comradeship = GIVE AND TAKE
3. Agape; Unselfish loyalty and benevolent concern for the good of another, based upon a consistent decision = ALL GIVE

1. Required/Commanded Deu 6:4-5, 10:12, 11:1, Mar 12:30*
1a. But the natural man, will not love God Rom 3:11
2a. God first loves man, and man responds 1Jo 4:19, Gal 2:20
2. To “love God” is not a “feeling”, but a commitment to please and serve God Jos 22:5, Joh 14:15, 1Jo 5:1-3
1a. Not just a “feeling”, because love for God requires a “heart/soul/mind” response Deu 30:6, Mar 12:30*
2a. The Lord determines the reality of our love Deu 13:3
3a. True love for God cannot be hidden, but known 1Co 8:3

1. “Abide in me [Christ]” Joh 15:4 = Relationship, fellowship, one in purpose
Motivation: our love for Christ
2. “keep His commandments” = keep His Word Joh 14:15
Motivation? Our love for Christ
3. If we Keep His commandments = Christ’s Words abide in us Joh 15:7
4. We apply God’s Word in our life = “you shall abide in my love” Joh 15:10

1. bha ‘ahav = close relationship, affection, desired, tenderness Sos 1:3, Deu 12:12, 15, Gen 25:28
2. dwD ddoud = romantic love, beloved, one that causes my heart to beat faster, loved one Sos 1:2, 4:10
3. h[r re’ah = friend, darling (opp. sex), companion, fellow Sos 1:9, 15
4. dmj chamad = treasure, lovely, treasure of the eye, focus on the loveliness and desirability of the spouse Sos 5:16a