From Creation to the Fall to the Flood, God’s Word paints a picture of great need for a savior. Noah’s Family   Noah’s Ark – Largest ship built until 1884 1. Dimensions: 1a. 450 feet long 2a. 75 feet wide 3a. 45 feet high 2. Capacity? 1a. 1,400,000 cubic feet 2a. Approx.  522 railroad cars! 3a. Or: 43,000 tons…

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Christ in the Old Testament


JESUS CHRIST OUR HIGH PRIEST > Aaron Called from among men Exo 28:1 Compassion for Humans Heb 5:2 Spotless in dress Lev 16:4 Entered the earthly Tabernacle Lev 16:3 Entered once a year Lev 16:2, Heb 9:7 Entered beyond the Veil Lev 16:12 Offered for his own sins Lev 16:11 Offered the blood of animals Lev 16:15 > Jesus…

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Map’s of Christ’s Ministry


Christ came at a time where the political landscape was ever-changing. His travels were significant in both their distance AND with the number of people groups that heard his message. Yes, he was speaking to His chosen people, but men and women from every tribe and tongue would have caught wind of this Jesus and…

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