“I have worked with teenagers for more than twenty years.  I have met intelligent teens, I have met many who were clever, talented and even gifted.  I have not met many who are wise. It is not because they are incapable of becoming wise. Most just do not see the pursuit of wisdom as being important.”…

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Christ in the Old Testament


JESUS CHRIST OUR HIGH PRIEST > Aaron Called from among men Exo 28:1 Compassion for Humans Heb 5:2 Spotless in dress Lev 16:4 Entered the earthly Tabernacle Lev 16:3 Entered once a year Lev 16:2, Heb 9:7 Entered beyond the Veil Lev 16:12 Offered for his own sins Lev 16:11 Offered the blood of animals Lev 16:15 > Jesus…

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